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♪ ケセラセラ ♪

作詞:Wendy Van Dusen & Chris Nagel



Que Sera Sera


Breaking from that same old routine

Simple pleasures no longer please me

Need to find what is missing


It could be you

It could be me

Why don't we wait

Let's wait and see


Que Sera Sera


I walk the streets late at night

Wander through dreams of me and you

Fate has a way of showing


Honey say it's you

Sugar say it's me

I can't wait

What this dream will bring


Que Sera Sera


A tender kiss has sealed our fate

No other moments can relate

Excited pleasures we create


I feel from you

You feel from me

Our souls we share

Our dreams complete


Que Sera Sera

(シングル・ダウンロード) ケセラセラ

¥120 通常価格
  • WAV
    高音質(24bit / 48kHz)

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